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Our Staff

Brenda Warnock, LPN

Owner & Administrator

Brenda is a highly experienced healthcare and childcare professional with a combination of over 15 years of daycare experience, and over 25 years of LPN nursing experience.

Specific Daycare experience in: Policy and Administration, Activities and Curriculum development, Recordkeeping, Staffing and Human Resources, Facility Upkeep, Public Relations, Healthcare and triage and Budgeting
Education: Northwest Ohio Practical Nurse Training Center, Toledo, OH. Pharmacology, passed by standards of N.A.P.N.E.S. and O.O.P.N.E.; CPR Certified.


Ms. Andrea
Ms. Gena
Ms. Brittany
Ms. Natalie
Ms. Daley
Ms. Showna
Ms. Emily
Ms. Tracey

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