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Kindergarten Enrichment

Program Overview:

Big Hearts Little Hands Kindergarten Enrichment Program provides a place to help your child experience fulfilling, motivating education. The enrichment program meets on days that their regular kindergarten class is not in session. Our aim is to work in partnership with parents and classroom teachers to take advantage of every opportunity for every student to learn in every aspect of an academic curriculum. Our Program is designed to encourage students to think critically, solve problems, explore and share ideas. We support each student's learning style by offering opportunities for them to work in large groups, small groups and one-on-one with their teacher. The daily schedule is designed to enrich the students' knowledge with a variety of hands-on, visual and auditory, self-directed experiences and teacher led activities. Large group activities are alternated with free play through our child-friendly learning centers. Learning centers include writing, science, math, art, dramatic play, games, listening, and reading.

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